Lozen is a two-time VIMA (Vancouver Island Music Award) nominated artist who has a knack for captivating listeners with diverse musical tastes. Her collage of lyrical rap flow and smooth vocal melodies over criss-crossing genres has earned her a loyal tribe and ever expanding fan base. Armed with a guitar and soul purpose, this wandering bilingual femcee has won the hearts of people from all walks of life. Captivating audiences with her evocative storytelling in both English and French, Lozen imparts the essential wisdom of listening to our intuition, reading the omen’s strew across life’s path and above all following our dreams. Live shows have evolved her unique approach to Hip Hop; while recordings have pushed her sound across the globe.

Lozen's success sparked when she teamed up with Bombastic Jam Label boss and funk producer Basement Freaks (Hamburg, Germany). Bootyfunk (2011) garnered a significant amount of online press, reaching No#3 on junodownload.com and racked up hundreds of thousands of plays on soundcloud.com with the overwhelming public response received from the "Records in the Crate” single remix competition. Lozen was able to keep the momentum going with Urbnet Records (Toronto, ON) releasing Tragedy & Triumph Mixtape (2012) which ranked No#10 on the National Hip Hop Charts. Shake It Up (2014) produced by west coast rap duo Animal Nation, reached No#6 on the National Hip Hop Charts and No#37 on CMJ USA Top 40 Hip Hop.

With a number of successful releases under her belt and several years refining her craft, this self-professed lyrical warrior has undoubtedly matured into an innovative new-school leader. Performing at world-renowned festivals such as: WSSF – World Ski and Snowboard Festival (2013 – 2018/Whistler, BC), CMW – Canadian Music Week (2015/Toronto, ON) EMF – Envision Music Festival (2015/Uvita, CR), SMF – Shambhala Music Festival (2013 & 2010/ Nelson, BC) to name a few, Lozen is quickly becoming a household name.

Now achieving notable emcee status, her tool belt of artistry holds no bounds. Add DJ, multi-instrumentalist, host, promoter, dancer and illustrator to the mix. Although this music impresario is always seeking for ways to cultivate the scene and inspire others to do the same, Lozen's on the fly off the cuff spirit really shines through when performing on stage. She has a way of connecting with spectators by tending to common bonds; vocalizing the importance of community and support. She expresses the deep rooted and holistic belief that “we’re in this together”. The credo: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

After opening for roster of heavyweights including: Classified, Maestro Fresh Wes, Choclair, De La Soul, Blackalicious, The Beatnuts, Masta Ace and Swollen Members, this powerful songstress is elevating all females in Hip Hop with her hustle. One of the reasons you can’t take your eyes off her is your ears. Soulful, yet gritty. Lighthearted, yet deep. Her work ethic and passion has earned her residency at nightclubs and radio shows, reaffirming why she remains a buzzworthy artist who grabs your attention. She’s positive proof that the industry doesn’t need to be resurrected; it just needs a woman’s touch every now and then.