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Dharma Charity Mandala Pendant Necklace
  • Natural Alder wood laser engraved pendant
  • Pendant dimensions 3" L x 1/4" W x 3" H
  • Chrysocolla amulet 10mm L x 5mm W x 10mm H
  • Hand beaded with 8mm wood rounds in black and turquoise
  • Necklace dimensions 3" L x 1/4" x 15" H


This series was inspired by my Goal Digger album artwork. I design and hand bead the necklaces myself. The lotus has several nuances. The blossom itself grows from mud, signifying how we can rise above our suffering. I reference this in the title track with my lyrics: “I am the jewel in the lotus flower that stemmed from muddy waters, bursting out pool that bred this blossom. Born an honour.” The six petals of the symbol relates to Svadhishthana or Sacral Chakra, your center of creativity. The circles in connection with the lotus flower petals represent the cyclical nature of birth, death and rebirth.


Each necklace features a wood burned laser engraved Lozen Mandala pendant with a semi-precious stone amulet, I used Chrysocolla for this piece. It's linked to sound and is often used to enhance how we experience sound when we make it, and when we hear it. It is also closely linked to the throat chakra, helping you let words flow out so that they resonate with others. Ideal for finding your voice and truth telling, the stone improves communication and opens psychic vision while encouraging self-awareness.


After creating, I place each necklace on my altar where I smudge and pray over, sending blessings to the wearer.


"Dharma" is a Sanskrit word that translates to “right direction,” “rightful duty,” or “righteous living.” Your dharma is your true calling – what you were put here to do. My dharma is to empower, inspire, encourage and motivate people to go after their dreams and create the life they want. To ensure people feel heard, seen and accepted just as they are.


My art is an opportunity to share this message and give back. I am donating $1 of the proceeds from each Dharma Charity Mandala Pendant Necklace sold to Sea to Sky Retreat Centre. In 1993, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and friends began building on a secluded 40 acre site of extraordinary natural beauty in British Columbia's coastal mountain range.


The elegant and non-sectarian atmosphere of the Retreat Centre has made it an ideal environment for hosting a wide variety of programs and gatherings - from contemplative retreats within diverse religious traditions to human potential workshops; from yoga intensives to body work training.


The Retreat Centre also conducts its own group contemplative programs and seminars under the guidance of affiliated teachers.


Dharma Charity Mandala Pendant Necklace

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